100 % pepper addict which means HECKMAN will always spice things up!

As his father taught him: “He who eats pepper, can give pepper”… 

which makes even less sense in English than in Dutch…

Co-founder and resident of DIEP Events!

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Julian is one of those people who have been around in the national music scene since forever. This dj packs a ton of experience and meets the highest technical requirements.

Julian Fosk started as a vinyl DJ,but over the years he adapted to find his way in the digital world of mixing. Using FX-controllers and drum machines to enhance his performance.

Looking for an artist to take you on a journey through the underground, packed with warm and deep sub sounds? Julian is the one you need.

Techno & techno and again techno...

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Having found his roots in electronic music at a pretty young age, a true profound love for Techno and deep melodic techno has never been out of the picture for this young and vivid deejay-talent from Ghent (B).

The invigorating, solid, and dynamic Techno sounds soon caught the ears of freshly started event- and music agency EILAND 9000. They gave Voetwerk the opportunity to cast his madness over a bigger audience. Soon a new local star of the underground was born.

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